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Digital photography workshop for "non-photographers"

Digital photography for "non-photographers" Live Online Workshop

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Miami Institute of Photography (MIP) offers our students the unique opportunity to take their creative skills to the next level while enjoying the freedom and flexibility to study online in a webinar-like experience.

This workshop is designed to meet the needs of those who, without being photographers, should take photographs as part of their work or for simple pleasure such as keeping family memories.

Objectives: the workshop will give students the basic tools to get the most out of their photography equipment. Review the various steps that are necessary to complete the cycle of taking good pictures, store them properly and share them, either printed or digitally.

Price: $250

Instructor: Jorge Andres Castillo

Duration: 6 hours

Sessions: 3

Requirements: Beginners 

As soon as our students sign up, they'll receive an email with access and instructions on how to start the MIP Online experience.