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Photoshop II

Photoshop II

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Dates: Jan 9 to 23 / Wednesdays / 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Duration: 8 hrs. (3 sessions)

Adobe Photoshop allows for infinite possibilities when it comes to transforming images.  During this workshop, working professionals will guide participants through more advanced editing techniques, such as applying layer effects, masking, blending modes, tonal and color corrections; linking your workflow to Adobe Bridge; and understanding Camera Raw. This workshop is open to enthusiasts, photographers, visual artists, graphic and web designers.

Instructors: Carolina Muñoz, Marco Bell, Jorge Andres Castillo.

Requirements: Photoshop I or portfolio review; knowledge of Mac or PC systems; Adobe Photoshop installed in a laptop for class; and 20-25 un-processed images in RAW format.